School & Community Garden

Building the Sewanee Children’s Center School and Community Garden

The construction of the Sewanee Children’s Center School and Community Gardenbegan in October 2015 and was completed in February 2016. The 40’ x 60’ garden space is located behind the SCC’s playground on the campus of Otey Parish. Otey Parish provides this space as well as the space for our preschool at no cost to us and we are one of the parish’s outreach ministries. SCC received a grant from South Cumberland Community Fund to build the garden and to purchase gardening tools and garden plants. In addition to teaching our students about gardening, we are also going to provide fresh produce to the Community Action Committee, our local food pantry that is located upstairs from us, and offer gardening skills to their clients and other members of the community.

Dan Pate is a local landscape designer and he and Harriet Runkle, SCC director, initially designed the garden with five garden beds, a three-part compost system and a deer fence. As the garden took shape, Dan and his crew added a seating area and two gates using local mountain laurel. Dan also used stone that was left over from the renovation of our building to make the beds and the seating area. Check out the progress and watch our garden grow!