What is a Parent Cooperative?

A parent cooperative school is owned and operated by the school families. Profesional teachers are responsible for the planning and implementation of the curriculum and a parent board runs the business aspects of the school.

At SCC, all Parents of enrolled students are automatically members of the Co-op. There are three Co-op meetings during the school year in the fall, winter and spring and Parents are expected to attend. Other meetings may be arranged during the school year dealing with subjects of interest such as parenting skills, or to get together with our school families. The Board meets regularly throughout the school year and all Parents are welcome to attend.

In order to ensure full participation in our cooperative preschool, each SCC family is required to volunteer for two hours each month. Each afterschool family is required to volunteer for five hours per semester. Families who are unable to volunteer time may “buy out” any or all of their two hours at the rate of $20 per hour. In cases where a family gives more than two volunteer hours a month, the additional hours will carry over to the following month. Credit towards tuition cannot be given for extra volunteer hours. Examples of tasks and responsibilities that Parents commonly assume include, but are not limited to: assisting a classroom teacher in and out of the classroom, serving on the Board, playground and interior maintenance, laundry, landscaping, sewing and mending, carpentry, participation in work days, fundraising, and party planning.