Our Staff

Sandy Glacet: Director

Prior to her current position as Director, Sandy taught at SCC for three years. She holds a B.A. from Sewanee: The University of the South. Before Sewanee, she worked in France as a medical aid assistant teacher for disabled children. She has two sons, Arthur in fourth grade and Alexandre in first grade at SES. They are being raised in a bilingual and multicultural environment, an environment she fosters as the Director of SCC as well.




Leigh Anne Couch: Interim Director

Leigh Anne has been an active parent and substitute teacher at SCC for nine years and welcomes the opportunity to help guide the Center from August through December (2019) while Sandy Glacet is in Paris. Leigh Anne has a BA from the University of the South and a Masters of Fine Arts from the University of North Carolina. Her preschool experience includes four summers as teacher of four-year-olds and two as director’s assistant and director of the summer camp—all at the Haygood Child Development Center in Atlanta. She also worked at SCC while a student in Sewanee. In her words: The Sewanee Children’s Center has been central to my growth as a parent. At SCC I learned how to let my children grow and explore without fear of failure; this community showed me how to interact with my children instead of react, especially in times of stress. SCC helped me accept myself as a mother and for that I am eternally grateful. This center is at its best when it can rely on a network of communication, cooperation, and collaboration between parents, children, and teachers. I see the director’s job as facilitating that network, making sure those lines of communication run smoothly, effectively, safely, and positively for all involved. Like Sandy, I want to support the teachers in creating a safe, welcoming classroom where our children can explore, take risks, and create worlds.

Christie Pierce: Assistant Director; Co-teacher, Adventure Class

Ms. Christie has worked at SCC for thirteen years in the Adventure Class and as assistant director for the past two years. Her daughter Delana was enrolled at SCC when she was 4. In Christie’s words: I strongly believe that the way SCC is able to adapt every child and let them be who they are instead of who we want them to be has made a huge impact of who my daughter is today. Christie continues to use her talents to create an environment that fosters the children’s needs by tapping into the interests of the children. Her motivation is based on the excitement that she sees on a daily basis, especially in the children who walk through the doorway every morning eager to see what sign-in will be. Christie currently resides in Stevenson, Alabama with her husband Thomas. She enjoys family time and supporting her daughter in the sports that she does.

Barbara Simpson: Co-teacher, Tag Along Class

Ms. Barbara came to SCC the fall of 2018 as the new co-teacher with the Tag-Along class. Ms. Barbara and her family (husband John, son-Marshall, and daughter-Virginia) came to Sewanee in fall of 2017 so her husband could start school at the School of Theology. Ms. Barbara holds a B.A. from Mars Hill College where she majored in religion and philosophy with a concentration in youth leadership. Prior to her family moving to Sewanee, she worked for the Bristol TN City School District as an educational assistant. Ms. Barbara has worked in various capacities with children from  Sunday School to children and family ministry to working in the school system to the YMCA After School. She has fallen in love with the children and families at SCC and enjoys getting to know everyone. In her off time, she enjoys exploring the mountain with her family, playing with her dog Perdy, reading, painting, and lounging on a Saturday morning.

Stephanie Layne: Interim Co-teacher, Tag Along Class

Ms. Stephanie’s love for working with preschool-aged children began in the summer of 2011, when she took an internship at the University Child Care Center (UCCC). She immediately fell in love and did not want to leave at the end of the three months. A year later, Stephanie returned to UCCC and spent the next seven years working with a wide variety of age groups, from six weeks to five years. Her main focus was with the two and a half to five year olds. Stephanie and her husband Travis reside in Winchester, TN. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, going on new adventures, and kayaking. In her words: I find joy in creating an environment that helps children feel safe and nurtured, while giving them the opportunity to express themselves creatively. I cannot be more excited about joining the SCC family and returning to the preschool classroom.

Carrie Mauzy: Co-teacher, Tag Along Class (on leave through December 2019)

Ms. Carrie began working at SCC 31 years ago. First, she volunteered as a Room Mother in the 3-year-old class where her daughter Jane was enrolled. Then, she became more and more excited about the work being done with children at the Center and started subbing in the 2 and 4-year-old classes. The following year, Carrie was hired full time and has passionately pursued a career in early childhood education ever since. Her enthusiasm for child-centered learning is grounded in evidence-based research and best practices in early child development. She is an avid supporter of the teaching philosophy put forth by the public preschool of Reggio Emilia, Italy. When not teaching, Ms. Carrie’s interests are working in her garden (wildflowers, herbs), hiking, crafting and reading.

Natasha McDaniel: Co-teacher, Adventure Class

Ms. Tasha found her love for SCC 9 years ago when she started as a maternity leave fill-in, which later turned into a full-time position. She worked the next five years at SCC while her middle child attended SCC during some of that time. Ms. Tasha has been a full-time stay at home mom for the last few years. When it was time for her youngest daughter to attend a school, Ms. Tasha knew where she needed to be – at SCC. Ms. Tasha lives in Monteagle, TN with her husband, Steven, and three children. Ms. Tasha enjoys watching her children do the sports they love: cheerleading, football, and baseball. During her spare time, you will find her at a ball field, camping or spending time with her family. In the classroom, she ignites the children’s imagination to create the best learning environment possible.

Mary Ellen Dempsey: Co-teacher, Discovery Class

Ms. Mary Ellen became part of the SCC family in the fall of 2016.  She came for a visit and instantly fell in love with the children and the preschool’s way of learning. In her words: It is very exciting to work for a preschool that believes in allowing children to learn through play, self-exploration, and friendships with one another. The most rewarding part of the job is getting to see the little one’s faces light up and to experience the excitement with them as they make accomplishments.  The joy in their eyes as they realize they can do it on their own is amazing! Prior to SCC, Mary Ellen worked for the Board of Education in Jackson county, Alabama. She has also been a children’s Sunday school teacher for fifteen years. She and her husband, Steven, reside in Stevenson, Alabama. Together they have four children and four grandchildren. Mary Ellen enjoys spending her free time with family and friends, taking adventures in nature, or just having a quiet evening reading a book or her Bible.

Roxanne Byrd: Co-teacher, Adventure Class; Teacher, After School Program

Ms. Roxanne came a long way from home to expand her horizons. Originally from Memphis, she moved to Monteagle, TN in 2017.  Ms.Roxanne has worked in childcare since she was 16 and started part-time in an infant room. She knew that her passion for children was more than just caring for infants. Down the road, she found the Sewanee Children’s Center and knew this was the place where she wanted to be. Her ultimate goal is to one day open her own nursery.